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RF radio frequency skin rejuvenation and weight loss

Ultrasonic Cavitation Weight LossPeople all over the world are experiencing the wonders that RF skin tightening can do for their appearance. RF treatments not only help to energize your skin, toning and strengthening to reverse the signs of aging but can also help you lose weight.

RF technology is experiencing such unprecedented popularity in the skincare community because of the results.


Why your skin needs RF rejuvenation

With age, the collagen that supports the skin breaks down, and areas that were once taut (knees, upper arms, stomach) start to look a little saggy. Collagen loss also makes cellulite more apparent because the skin becomes thinner and less able to conceal the puckers created by the superficial fat and connective tissue just below its surface.

Collagen gives your skin its elasticity, and regenerating collagen leads to more youthful skin.


How RF skin rejuvenation works

Radio frequency energy produces a deep warmth, stimulates collagen and improves the lymphatic flow of your skin. The heat also stimulates the production and growth of new collagen fibres, making this ideal for areas of loose and sagging skin that requires tightening. RF also can breakdown fat cells which when combined with ultrasonic wight loss the outcome is noticeably improved.


What does RF skin rejuvenation treatment feel like?

Many people describe it as a warm relaxing massage with no pain at all, in fact your skin is warmed from within giving you a very relaxed feeling unlike anything you have felt before.


How many RF treatments will you need?

Each patient’s RF treatment plan will vary based on individual factors such as wrinkling, loss of skin tone, area treated and skin type and colour. As a guide we recommend 4 treatments spaced between 3-4 weeks apart.


Can anyone use RF Treatments?

Unfortunately for safety and comfort sake there are certain people who should not use this style of treatment without checking with their doctor first.

If any of the below apply to you we may not be able to treat you without approval from your doctor.

  • Pregnant
    High Blood Pressure
    Liver Disease
    Kidney Disease
    Heart Disease
    Metallic Implants
    Skin Allergies
    Cold or Flu Symptoms
    Recent Childbirth
    Swollen Lymph Nodes
    Active / Recent Infections
    Diabetes Mellitus
    Poor Circulation
    Pace Maker
    Skin Allergies
    Low Immune System
    Blood thinning meds


Ultrasonic Cavitation weight loss treatments

  • Upper Arms - $ 30.00
  • Love Handles - $ 35.00
  • Upper Stomach - $ 30.00
  • Lower Stomach - $ 40.00
  • Lower Stomach & Love Handles - $ 75.00
  • Buttocks - $ 45.00
  • Inner Thighs - $ 35.00
  • Outer Thighs - $ 35.00
  • Full Body Cavitation Treatment(inclusive of all above) - $ 170.00 Save $ 80.00

Radio Frequency (RF) Skin toning and tightening

  • Upper Arms - $ 30.00
  • Love Handles - $ 35.00
  • Upper Stomach - $ 30.00
  • Lower Stomach - $ 40.00
  • Lower Stomach & Love Handles - $ 75.00
  • Buttocks - $ 45.00
  • Inner Thighs - $ 35.00
  • Outer Thighs -$ 35.00
  • Full Body RF Treatment(inclusive of all above) - $ 170.00 Save $ 80.00

A $25 setup fee applies to each cavitation or RF visit.



*Results may vary from person to person depending on various factors, there is no implied guarantee with this offer.