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Acrylic nails

Acrylic NailsYou deserve your acrylic nails to look the very best they can and getting a great deal shouldn't mean you end up with acrylic nails you are not happy with.

My acrylic nails are 100% guaranteed, not only until you leave, but if you have any problems that are a result of my work, I will fix your acrylic nails for free, no questions asked.



Why acrylic nails are so popular

Acrylic nails are the most popular choice for artificial nails. Acrylic nails help hide or repair broken, damaged, short, or nails that would just look better a little longer. Acrylic nails also help prevent people from biting their nails, breakage of nails, and protect from some splits. Acrylic nails are used when people find it difficult to grow their own nails to the desired length.

Another reason acrylic nails are so popular is because they have been around longer and are better known than Gel nails

To apply the acrylic nail the nail technician will make a mixture of acrylic liquid and powder is apply it to the nail to create any shape, then after a few minutes it will harden allowing the nail technician to shape it to your needs.

Acrylic nails are very durable and can be decorated with many different systems like magnetic, foils, nail art etc. with standard and flouro colours (see below).


Colours and styles for acrylic nails

We offer full acrylic nail services with a wide range of fashionable colours and nail art options. Please find below some of our more popular styles of acrylic nails.

All of these styles are also available to go on your natural nails if you don't have acrylic nails.


Magneto (magnetic)
Magnetic nail polish is a new type of nail polish that uses a magnet to alter the polish design. As you can see in the picture to the right, when the magnet is placed over the polish it pulls parts of the polish and creates half moon shape patterns.


Gel nail coatings
Please check out the page on Gel coatings here


Flouro acrylic nail colours
Possible the most popular range, the flouro coloured acrylic nails really stand out and look fantastic.


Custom acrylic nail art
From a simple diamonti, to nail piercings all the way to custom brushed art on your acrylic nails, I will make your nails unique and exciting. Nail art is also widely used for special occasions and can be themed to your unique requirements.


The glitter range for acrylic nails
If it's sparkle you want, then the glitter range is for you. Bright vibrant acrylic nails that shimmer and sparkle.



Artificial Nails

  • Full Set Acrylic Nails - Single Colour Gel Overlay - $ 60.00
  • In-fill Acrylic Nails - Single Colour Gel Overlay - $ 40.00
  • Soak Off Acrylic Nails - $ 30.00
  • Soak Off Acrylic Nails with relaxing Mini Manicure - $ 40.00
  • Soak Off Gel - $ 25.00
  • Soak Off Gel with relaxing Mini Manicure - $ 30.00
  • Buffing, Trimming & Shaping (Natural or Acrylic) - $ 25.00
  • Buffing, Trimming & Shaping (Toe Nails) - $ 25.00
  • Gel Nails Overlay (Fingers or Toes) - $ 40.00
  • One Nail Repair - $ 2.50
  • Designer Nail Art (per nail) - $ 1.50
  • Designer Nail Art Full Set - $ 10.00
  • Nail Piercing (per nail, includes ring and jewel)- $ 5.00

Manicures and Pedicures

  • Manicure Exotic - $ 40.00
  • Manicure Deluxe - $ 50.00
  • Spa Pedicure Exotic - $ 50.00
  • Spa Pedicure Deluxe - $ 60.00